About Ark Barrier

We are an Australia based vehicle paint protection importer, exporter, wholesale distributor. We have a passion for car and motorcycle paint protection and are experts in liquid glass coating.
True liquid glass coating is long lasting and vastly superior to wax!
Don't be fooled! Imitation liquid glass products are out there, but we offer genuine liquid glass imported from Japan which solidifies on contact with air and encompasses your car or motorcycle in hard glass.
 Company Information
Goshu Keikaku Pty Ltd 
ACN: 095 875 639  ABN: 27 095 875 639
- Official sole distributor of Ark Barrier Japan in Australia
- Official overseas sole distributor of Modesta Japan
- Distributor of our own brand, GK glass coating series
- Registration Number of Industrial Chemical Introducers(NICNAS): 9816


Warning Imitation Warning
There are many “imitations” and “copies” in the market. Please be careful when you are purchasing any products or application services, as we will not take any responsibility if the vehicle is damaged due to the use of imitation products or applied by unofficial agents.

Our Staff

Tomo Kashino / Managing Director

Tomo Kashino I once paid about $1,500 + 33% LCT for a vehicle protection package at a new car dealer, but the paint protection lasted a couple of months even though it had a “5 year warranty”. I found that there are so many people that have doubts about  “paint protection”. I also found there are many car wash service providers washing cars without using water or with sandy sponges, car detailers dressing cars with the slippery silicone dressings, cut & buffers removing scratches but making buff marks at the same time and paint protection suppliers applying paint protection without proper preparation. So who ruins the reputation of this industry…? I guess it is ourselves, people working in this industry.

We, Ark Barrier are proud of our products and professional services and try hard to recover the credibility of this industry. We have already applied glass coating on over 1,000,000 cars in Japan and wish for Australian people to be released from the time and money consuming “vehicle exterior & interior care”.

Remember our catchphrase “Never wax & polish your car again”. Our glass coating has self cleaning functions but yet not enough to say “Never wash your car again”. Please support us in order to develop a glass coating of the next generation such as that. Let’s create easier life together!!!


Coated Car After 3 year

These pictures were taken in March 2009, after applying Modesta BC-03:


The following pictures were taken in FEB 2012, which is three years later (traveled 106,000km):

The condition of the paint protection is still absolutely perfect!