Do you want to save money?


Do you think our glass coating is expensive?

There are many people taking their car to hand car wash service, so please calculate how much money you are spending at there.
e.g. How much money you spend? – If you visit a hand car wash 2 times a month and spend $35 each time.

$35 x 2 times/month x 3 years = $2, 730

30 years = $27, 300

Glass coating makes easy to maintain your car. You are not required to use car wash detergents (We recommend you to use a dish washing detergent) and wax so you can make your car clean so easily by yourself!

Anything else you can save?

Our glass coating screens out dirt (Ark Barrier is hydrophilic, so relatively small amounts of dust stick on the surface in comparison with the water repellent coatings). So requirements of car washing become less frequent and you can minimize usage of water on each time too. You can save massive amounts of water.
e.g. How much water you spend? – If you wash your car 2 times a month and consume 100L of water each time.

100L x 2 times/month x 3 years = 7, 800L

30 years = 78, 000L

You can also maintain your car with minimizing the effect to the environment because of you are no longer using car wash detergents and wax. It contributes to environmental protection.

You can also minimise your time on car maintenance.

e.g. How much time you spend ? – If you wash your car 2 times a month and consume 3 hours each time.

3hours x 2 times/month x 3 years = 234 hours

30 years = 2, 340 hours