Modesta BC-03 Glass Coating  Improved with a new formula

Liquid glassWe are often asked questions what “Liquid Glass” is and the difference between other paint protection products and ours.

We import our glass coating liquid from Japan, which is packed in small bottles, as it has to be used up immediately once opened. Liquid glass is a clear and pure liquid which hardens on contact with the air.

There are many copied products also called “glass coating” in the market. However they are packed in big bottles and creamy looking. They never actually turn to glass, even after they have been left for a few weeks.

Polymer coating started to appear in the market of the car care industry about 20 years ago, as a replacement for the wax as a vehicle exterior protection product. Polymer coating, with strong protection effect and longer durability (around 6 months) was introduced about 15 years ago. Inorganic glass coating emerged about 10 years ago with stronger protection and even longer durability for car exteriors. Japan has been leading the world for the development of various types of coating and alternative products are introduced each year.

The features of the Modesta BC-03

There are many products referred to as glass coating (some are imported from the USA and some are manufactured in Australia) sold and applied in Australia, but actually are mostly waxes or resins containing glass fiber or powder, so they are just like conventional wax. Glass fiber or powder flake away from the surface when the wax goes, so the warranty durability is from 3 to 10 years, but most of them last only several months. Modesta BC-03 is an inorganic glass liquid and has a crystal clear colour packed in a small 30ml bottle. While the other imitation glass coating products have a creamy colour bottled in big 350ml bottles, so called “Pure” Glass Liquid.
Point 1 -
Super durable (from 3 to over 10 years)
Point 2 - No more Waxing
Point 3 -
Easy maintenance (just washing)
Point 4 -
Restores minor damages. (We remove minor scratches and swirl marks in the process in order to make a perfect base paint prior to applying the Modesta BC-03)
Point 5 -
Protects the paint surface. (It gets harder to make scratches)
Point 6 -
Perfect mirror finish. (Superior gloss and shine)
Point 7 -
Screens out dirt. (The Modesta BC-03 is hydrophilic, so only relatively small amounts of dust stick on the surface in comparison with the inferior water repellent coatings)

Regular wax and many other paint protection products are water repellent, so they produce large water beads on the surface of the paint. It means that dust, dirt, chemicals and other impurities that damage the paint are caught in the beads and are left on the paint surface when the water beads dry off.

Modesta BC-03 glass coating is hydrophilic, so it produces only tiny water beads which means the water cannot stick to the surface and doesn’t leave many impurities as the car dries off.

Rain water is acidic. The more the water sticks to the car, the more damage to the paint. Conventional coatings have focused just on a lustrous finishing, but Modesta BC-03 meets all requirements: a lustrous finishing, protection efficiency, durability and so on.

We don’t sell the DIY kits because it is a pure glass coating. Pure glass liquid does not contain any impurities to hide scratches and stains for a short duration, so it is required to be applied on a professionally conditioned surface.

Modesta BC-03 does not crack, bubble, flake, peel, delaminate, come off or discolour, as long as the temperature remains below 700 degrees℃.

Glass Coating Comparison Chart

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