Modesta BC-01 – “High gloss water repellent glass coating”

This new product combines special oligomer content with outstanding water-repelling properties to create a special glass layer with high permeability. Simply, it is a two-component glass coating that produces instant luminous shine and gloss. The presence of a special type of silane in one mixture triggers a chemical reaction with the second layer, creating long-lasting water-repellent characteristics and preventing adhesion of raindrops and water spots. When completely cured, the coating membrane is composed of the same silicon compound as a glass composite, forming a durable protective glass layer.



Scratch resistance- Physical membrane protects paint work from minor car wash scratches.
Gloss - Modesta BC-01 produces a beautiful glass-like shine with extreme clarity.
High water repelling efficiency - Not present in conventional waxes.
Weather resistance - The paint work is protected from environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain.
Heat resistance - Modesta BC-01 will not soften when exposed to high temperatures, this prevents dirt and grime from embedding into the coating.
Chemical resistant - Deterioration of the paint by the corrosive substances is prevented.
Anti-fouling property - As the dirt and grime does not adhere, it is easily removed by rinsing with water.
Adhesiveness - Modesta BC-01 forms a strong bond to the paintwork, this ensures long-term durability.

Glass Coating Comparison Chart

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