Modesta P-01A – “Alkyd Resin Primer Coating”

Modesta P-01A is a primer for glass coating. Its thick bi-layered membrane works together with the glass coating to produce a deep gloss from the paint surface. Glass coating can be difficult to apply thickly to car paintwork, but Modesta P-01A makes it easier. Car paint today is harder and thinner than it used to be; some paints have a clear top layer less than 10 microns thick. As machine-based deep paint cutting is no longer acceptable on recently manufactured cars, professional detailers in Japan are seeking to minimize the need for such cutting. Modesta P-01A is a special resin similar to a component of paint that forms a 3-micron-thick film layer, meaning that it can fill and hide minor surface imperfections without the use of abrasives. It can be applied to minimize damage to paintwork during the preparation process. The resin is free of cheap oils and fillers that might last only until the next car wash, and can also be used to remove buff marks. The application of hardening-type glass coating over an alkyd resin primer coating is a highly advanced technique used by car lovers and enthusiasts all over Japan.

Modesta P-01A: Application video

Click here to see the application process.