Other Coating Products

Our Glass Coatings
Coasted glass guards the paint surface from dirt, acid and UV and scratches. Easy maintenance. No wax required.

                                                                            Conventional Paint Protection
                        The paint surface is not protected by a physical membrane,
                        So it gets dirt and dust on it and it easily gets scratches.
“Glass” is an inorganic substance so does not deteriorate as organic “Polymer” and “Paint sealant”.
There are 3 other different glass coatings we manufacture and import from Japan.
Modesta BC-06 Glass Coating

“Stain-resistance” and ”Easy-to-Clean” is the most obvious and greatest feature of Modesta BC-06 glass coating. It is attributed to the surface hardness of coating film. Dust penetrates into soft painting or coating surface and cannot be removed, like water stain on the car body. Thin silica coating film made from BC-06, protects this stain. It means that you will need to wash your car less frequently.
Modesta BC-05 Glass Coating
Modesta BC-05 was originally developed in the manufacturing industry to be applied in molds in order to release products easily from the mold. BC-05 is a glass coating which uses a three-dimensional siloxane frame as the base, and forms a clear membrane which is excellent in durability.

Modesta BC-02 Hybrid Glass Coating

“Modesta” is a glass coating liquid that contains Titanium dioxide. The hardened glass membrane guards the paint surface from dirt, acid, UV rays and scratches for up to 3 years. You can enjoy the glaze of glass and protect your car with a reasonable price and you are released from the chore of waxing or polishing.
Modesta BC-01 Glass Coating
This new product carries out a special combination of oligomer and excellent water repellence and to produce special glass layer with high permeability. This two-component glass coating produces an instant luminous shine and gloss. The use of a special silane in one mixture provides a chemical reaction with the second layer which allows excellent, long-lasting water repellence and the prevention of adhesion from rain stains and water spots.

Modesta Wheel Coating
“Modesta” wheel coating is a glass coating liquid especially made for wheels. It protects all types of wheels and makes it easy to clean the brake dust. Modesta wheel coating has been specially designed and developed for car wheels which is to say that it has resistance to high temperatures of up to 700 degrees ℃.